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A New Era of Personal Training
with Genaro Scampone

1:1 Session
30 Minutes
2x Per Week

My name is Genaro Scampone

I am a Certified Personal Trainer serving the Mohawk Valley for 8 years. You will train with me as I guide you through an unparalleled workout experience. I have developed a protocol called "Method G" which is joint-friendly, challenging and time efficient.

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Our fit members

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Joe (Retired Teacher)

I have been working with Genaro Scampone for the past 6 months. A relative told me that he found a trainer in Utica who was using training methods that I would be very interested in and that could be helpful for me in dealing with and overcoming the physical problems and issues that I'm facing. I'm 65 years old and love to be active. That being said, a bunch of old injuries have been bothering me over the past few years. I constantly deal with elbow tendonitis in both elbows and most recently my knees have been giving me a lot of issues

Since I have been training with Genaro, I have learned to value his training methods which are a combination of traditional weightlifting, isometrics, and bodyweight exercises. Working with Genaro has been extremely positive. His training methods and emphasis on strict form have enabled me to deal with my injuries and weak spots, and to begin building strength where I need it most.

Genaro is a very knowledgeable trainer and well-prepared for each training session. His sessions are always challenging and enjoyable. I can say without a doubt that if you are an athlete looking to get ready for your sports season or a senior citizen looking to overcome old injuries and get back in shape then Genaro Scampone is the right person for the job. Just twice a week and you'll be quite surprised with your results.

Anita (Busy Mom)

Scampone Personal Training has been such a game changer for me! Genaro is extremely knowledgeable and tailors each work out to the client directly. Not only is he kind & encouraging but he teaches you about the science behind strength training as well as you go along. I honestly could not recommend Genaro and Studio Athletics enough, such a positive and great environment to train in, I saw results within the first month of going 2x a week and continue to see results as I keep going! I couldn't imagine going anywhere else, I'm a client for life!

Janice ( Driven Professional)

I have been working with Genaro at Studio Fitness for about 4 months now. If you are looking for an effective, attainable approach to fitness, this is your place. Genaro utilizes a combination of isometrics, weights, old school machines and high tech devices to deliver a workout in 30 minutes/twice a week. As a busy professional with a family and a packed calendar and someone who has had recent back surgery, this schedule of training which allows for complete muscle recovery between sessions, has proven practical, safe, challenging and effective! Genaro is reliable, pleasant and knowledgeable. The studio space, conveniently located in the heart of downtown Utica, is clean and bright. If you are like I was and have been searching for a personal trainer to provide one on one sessions in a great studio where you can get the guidance and encouragement you need in a supportive, stress free environment, Studio Fitness is for you. This works. You do have 30 minutes twice a week. You will not feel overwhelmed by the workouts. You will look better and get stronger. Do yourself a favor and book a session.

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